Something True

A Practical Guide to Circling UP With Others and to Speaking Truth in the Field of Love

For the last 7 years I have been hosting gatherings of people in my home in a sacred circle that I call Something True. The gatherings typically number between 15 and 30 participants at a time. There have been hundreds and hundreds of folks of all ages, sexes, nationalities and religious and political affiliations who have attended.

What do they all do at Something True? They speak their truth. One at a time. With as much courage, sincerity, authenticity and integrity as they can. What do they all talk about? Anything they like. Anything at all. As long as it is TRUE for them. What do the people who are listening do? They hold a beautiful heart centered space of Love and Compassion. They bring their full listening presence to each and every one of the speakers.

That’s basically it. It’s so simple. One person at a time talks. They are heard, seen and acknowledged. Everyone else listens. Really listens. Folks speak one at a time about whatever they want and they get to speak their truth in a circle where no one tries to change them, fix them, save them or judge them. It’s an opportunity to practice fearlessly revealing themselves in a way that maybe they never have before. And folks get to practice the joy and bliss of holding a heart centered space and deeply listening with pure presence and no judgment also in a way that maybe they never have before.

In my upcoming new book SOMETHING TRUE, I share my experiences, insights, suggestions and perspectives gleaned from over 20 years of circle work – both as a participant and as a  host/facilitator in a wide variety of circles including Brugh Joy, The Mankind Project and Something True – that I hope you will find valuable.  It’s also a practical instruction manual but with a light touch.

My hope for you is to start your own circle.

If you choose to create and host your own Something True circles, many people will come to your circles to be seen and heard – maybe for the very first time. Many others will come to listen and witness others at a very deep level – also maybe for the very first time. In one of my first Something True circles, an older man said loudly to everyone “DO YOU FEEL THE LOVE IN THIS ROOM!!!???”

Yes. We do.

They will also come for the Love.

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