Private Guidance Sessions with John

“When I can’t hear my own inner truth, John has a way of helping me get to my deepest core and which then helps me draw forth incredible clarity. It’s like he has a way of cutting out the noise and speaking directly to my Soul.”

—–Elizabeth Walker—–

“To sit with John is to be heard, to be asked to go deeper into a thought, a feeling, or a belief.  John gently asks me to inquire within myself and as I do, our conversation unfolds with a deep and loving mystery.”

—–John B.—–

The foundation of all John’s Private Guidance Sessions is a grounded unconditional love in the heart center, compassionate spiritual awareness, and universal wisdom.

John brings a grounded practical awareness and years of hands-on actual lived life experience to his sessions.

A Private Guidance Session with John can assist you in healing and transforming all aspects of your life. All sessions begin with foundational self-love and appreciation for the unique being that you are. And then, with that foundation in place, the focus is then placed on where you would like to go in your life and what you would like to change.

All Private Guidance Sessions are truly unique. John is equally comfortable with helping you with both deep and wondrous spiritual realization and transformation and with the day-to-day practical realities and challenges of life.

John looks forward to meeting you and to helping you get to where you want to go.

Private Guidance Sessions are open on a limited basis in 60-minute increments. Sessions are available via Zoom, phone, or in-person. Please click HERE to schedule your Private Guidance Session.

2022 Private Guidance Session: $250 for 60-minute session.

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