John David Latta – From Pain to Dream Bliss on Dream Power Radio

It’s often been said that dreams can change our lives, and the hows and whys are different for all of us. Everyone’s story is different and everyone who has used dreams to gain access to their lives will attest to how their lives have benefited greatly from these nighttime insights.

Ethical Mystics with John Latta

John Latta is a mystic, author, teacher, and former founder and CEO of a multimillion-dollar consumer products company. He shares intimate and personal stories and teaches workshops on leadership, healing, transformation, awakening, love, synchronicity, and wisdom that unite and expand human experience. In our conversation, John shared the experience of his kundalini awakening and how his dreams became his guide. I hope you are as fascinated by this story as I was.

John on the Imagine Miracles Podcast

In this bonus episode of The Miracle You podcast with your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles, you will meet author John David Latta. Vince and John discuss the amazing synchronicities in our lives when we open ourselves to them. You will learn John’s story of seeing the world in a new and empowering way through his experiences . You will also get insight into John’s new book.

The Exploding Human Podcast


Love Service Wisdom Podcast Episode 80

In his new book, The Synchronicity of Love, John shares his extraordinary stories of what happened when while at rock bottom, he threw himself into Unconditional Love with sincerity and earnestness.

The Lumbertron Podcast Episode 25: John Latta, The Everyday Mystic

In Episode 25, John and Tyler sit down to discuss the incredible journey into open-hearted spirituality as chronicled in John’s new book: The Synchronicity of Love. 

The Radical Transformation of Unconditional Love on the Janine Bolon radio Show & Podcast

John David Latta is our guest on this episode of the Janine Bolon Show. He is a mystic, author, teacher and successful founder and CEO of a multimillion-dollar consumer products company. In his first book, The Synchronicity of Love, he shares his extraordinary stories of the radical transformation he underwent when he began to follow the path of Unconditional Love.

John talks about The Synchronicity of Love with Michelle Vandepas on the GracePoint Publishing Podcast

Come along on a journey with Michelle and John as they discuss synchronicity and how listeners can be more aware of the signs in their life that are calling out to them. They also delve into dream journaling, intuition, and empowerment to live an authentic life during this impactful interview. Don’t miss this one!

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