Past Events

Something True

WHEN: June 25, 5pm to 9pm

WHERE: 17310 Northeast 125th Street Redmond, WA 98052

WHAT IS SOMETHING TRUE? A co-ed potluck dinner, brief meditation and then circle up to talk, share and check-in. Come for great food, great people and authentic open sharing.

Sometimes it just feels good to gather up in a circle with others, be authentically YOU and share what is going on in your life. SOMETHING TRUE was created over 8 years ago to do just that.

It’s a safe circle for you to let your hair down, meet some new people, let go of some burdens and just share and “check-in” in any way that you like. Try on new wings, new shoes or new clothes. Share your deepest truth with honesty and sincerity. Your greatest joys. Your deepest fears. What is going on now in YOUR life? Or don’t plan anything at all and just see what wants to come forth spontaneously. Whatever you choose, all we ask is that it be TRUE FOR YOU!

Gandhi’s autobiography was subtitled “My Experiments With The Truth”. Come share YOUR Truth!

ISLAND TIME – A Lesson in Pleasure & Harmony

WHEN: July 9, 10 am to noon

WHERE: 17310 Northeast 125th Street Redmond, WA 98052

Did you know there is a grid made of light that surrounds all of Earth and that it touches down onto and into Earth in various points?

This grid (sometimes called the Christ Grid) helps connect you and all of humanity to your higher Self and to various lightworkers and benevolent high beings who are here to serve the changes taking place here on Earth. Wherever this grid touches down on Earth, sensitive people will experience a greater sense of harmony, well-being and connectedness.

And did you know that one of the places this grid touches down on Earth is in a small island in a small pond right here in Redmond, WA?

Come join us on this island right here in Redmond, WA and experience for yourself a greater sense of harmony, well-being and connectedness.

While hanging out on the island, we will explore various ways to experience greater peace, pleasure and harmony within.

An Intimate Conversation with Nature

WHEN: July 16, 10 am to noon

WHERE: 17310 Northeast 125th Street Redmond, WA 98052

Are you hungry and thirsty for something truly new in your life? Something that can aid and help improve your happiness and your health?

Please join us as we re-discover our profound and intimate connection with Nature.

We will learn to talk and converse and commune with Nature. And in the process we will learn more about ourselves, our capabilities and about all of Nature.

SPIRITUAL SUPPORT & DREAM CIRCLE – Working With Dreams for Healing & Guidance

WHEN: June 4, 10 am to noon

WHERE: 17310 Northeast 125th Street Redmond, WA 98052

This is an ongoing gathering to support your spiritual growth and your personal development with primary focus on dreams and dream work for inner guidance. We will create a beautiful, safe space of unconditional love and unconditional compassion in the Heart Center. There will be opportunities for questions and answers and to share what we might be struggling with and to work with solutions from a space of love and wisdom.

ASCENSION – An Auspicious Time to Be Alive

WHEN: May 21, 10 am to noon

WHERE: 17310 Northeast 125th Street Redmond, WA 98052

Did you know that earth is going through her own evolutionary ascent into a new and higher vibration and that many of us are both supporting her and joining her? Change, uncertainty and transformation are afoot now and yet is it an an auspicious and historic time to be alive. Ascension is both about a new and more expanded consciousness AND it is about the evolution of our bodies to be able to hold higher frequencies. Many of you are already experiencing this process with all sorts of wondrous and sometimes troubling mental, emotional and physical symptoms.

Touching into the Depths of Desire – Discovering and Manifesting our Deepest Desires

WHEN: May 7, 10 am to noon

WHERE: 17310 Northeast 125th Street Redmond, WA 98052

Desire is a powerful force. Please join us as we go deep and explore our deepest desires and then go even deeper to discover our one most important desire. We will explore:

  • Surface desires and deep desires
  • What does it mean to “go deep”?
  • Why aligning with our one deepest desire will bring unimaginable gifts into our lives
  • Conscious mind and unconscious mind
  • The many blocks between us and our desire(s)
  • 6) How dreams and signs can help us discover our deepest desire
  • Why working with the Heart Center and Unconditional Love can free us to discover and open to our deepest desire

This is one of the most powerful classes that I teach. Aligning with one’s deepest desire has the power to radically reawaken your life.

Art, Creativity, and Dreams – Working with Dreams for Enhanced Healing, Wisdom, Creativity and Personal Growth

WHEN: April 23, 10 am to noon

WHERE: 17310 Northeast 125th Street Redmond, WA 98052

This is one of my favorite classes to teach. The vast amount of support, wisdom, love and greater awareness found in dreams can be supportive to anyone at any stage in life.

A heart centered space created by all who are present can aid and facilitate our own healing, awakening and transformation while opening ourselves to greater possibilities. We will have opportunities to share, and be open, vulnerable and intimate with each other in a loving safe and beautiful space. I hope you will join us!

I’m Sorry. I love you. Please Come Home. – Healing the Pain Between You and Others

WHEN: April 16, 10 am to noon

WHERE: 17310 Northeast 125th Street Redmond, WA 98052

Do you have a person n your life that triggers you? Drives you crazy? Makes you angry? Frightens you? Or maybe there are many people who trigger you on a regular basis?

Come join us on April 16th for a deep dive into healing the pain between you and others in a profound and lasting manner. If you’ve ever done shadow work before, come and experience shadow work with a new twist!

Don’t Worry, Be Happy – The Courage to Walk a New Path

WHEN: April 2, 10 am to noon

WHERE: 17310 Northeast 125th Street Redmond, WA 98052

Please join us on April 2nd as we explore how unconditional love and compassion in the heart center can help us find our own unique path and help us to walk that path with courage and trust. Come for a brief heart centered meditation, intimate sharing, inspirational stories and tools & practices to help you on your journey.

“John has a very good, very strong and very grounded energy who affects others in a very positive way.  He is a natural teacher and intuitive”.

—Jason Ward—Medical Intuitive and founder of Titan’s Gate.


John is a remarkably bright light. He has the astounding ability to make the people around him simply feel better about themselves…their self-esteem, their faith in themselves; their feelings of self-worth are elevated simply by being in his presence. This is a remarkable and wonderful service that he offers to Life. I have seen how workshop participants have been impacted and how they shift by just being with him”.

—Ronald Keith Salmon, PhD—


“I’ve worked with John for over 10 years now. As I see him, I see that he helps regenerate consciousness in others primarily through teaching in group form.  I see him as is a highly spiritual soul who brings light to our planet. He helps and serves others and presents universal teachings. Yet he is also a solid grounded leader and initiator with a fine mind and great discipline”.

—Heather Valencia—author of Queen of Dreams


“I see John as an “Everyday Mystic “and I feel there is a need for practical spiritual teachers out there. When I’m with John I notice an uplifting boost, an ah-ha and inspiration. John is a natural teacher and teaches others how to put spiritual principles into action. He has access to subtle realms and is connected to a network of light. I love his optimism! I have observed that he is skilled at using his intuition when helping others and I call this ‘The Art of Drawing Forth’”.

—Joan Jermain—


“The thing that leaps to mind about John is that he is a Teacher. A Teacher’s teacher. He is great at “consolidation” – taking something difficult and making it easier to understand. His mind is sharp – quick, disciplined, analytical and methodical. He has deep vision, understanding, wisdom and the ability to follow through – and he teaches this.  I see him as an old soul with a beautiful authenticity”.  

—Alisha Mishel—


“I first met John in 2009. I liked him immediately. He was humble, smart, and very present as we conversed. Today I know John as a fellow teacher and group facilitator. As a facilitator, John holds a container for gatherings of others in groups to share their own experiences of vulnerability, creativity, intimacy and more. Each of his gatherings is healing, nurturing and inspirational. John is also the author of The Synchronicity of Love – Stories that Heal, Transform and Awaken. It is the finest offering of first-person stories that I’ve read in my many years of psychological and spiritual study”.

—Carolyn Conger, PhD Clinical Psychology. International consultant, spiritual teacher and author of Through the Dark Forest— 

John is very insightful, and he teaches teach with great sincerity and wisdom.

Isabelle Lambert


John often works with dreams and his perspectives on dreams are beautiful and profound. I enjoy his quiet careful humbleness with no pretense of grandeur and just his genuine desire for self-understanding.

Chandira Hensey


John is both a regular guy with a genuine and authentic nature and a brave soul seeker with many lifetimes of wisdom.  

Melissa Wadsworth


John is so funny and interesting! I enjoyed our dialogue about making peace with death. He has wonderful stories to share about spiritual awakening and healing experiences.

Tonia Marie


John is both friendly and a great storyteller. And he has a wonderful message!  I def. recommend!

Shelley Rose Shearer


John is both calming and inspirational! A great combination!

Dr. Keri Ohlrich


I loved chatting with John so much!  You will love him and his energy!

Lori Hoover


Electric Spirit

I highly recommend John. Very informative and knowledgeable!

Jamie Lynn


John is very professional and engaging., He shares remarkable insights and has a great sense of humor!

Cheryl Ilov

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